About us

Mr Zoran Djukanovic
ASBF Co-president Serbia

Mr Edosa

ASBF Co-president

H.E. Harold
Augustus Koko

Nigerian ambassador in Serbia

The African Serbian Business Forum (ASBF) was created as a result of the dire need of various business groups to constantly interact, communicate, engage, explore and consolidated on the latent potentials that exist in the Republic of Serbia and countries in Africa.

It is important to re-iterate, that Serbia and Africa share common historical similarities as Africa is blessed with a rich cultural and historical heritage through which modern civilization can trace its roots on one hand, and the Republic of Serbia is also the home and center of civilization and one of the oldest cultural centers in Europe on the other hand.

The activities of Serbia in Africa predate the current Republic of Serbia which is one of the successors in title of the defunct Yugoslavia Republic. In fact the relationship was re-invigorated with the inauguration of the Non Aligned Movement spearheaded by Yugoslavia as it then was. It is interesting to know that many Africa countries such as Nigeria, Libya, Angola, Ghana and Morocco to mention a few are still members of the Movement.
This ongoing initiative and preposition is a remarkable rejuvenation of the relationship between Africa and Serbia.

The need to explore new business frontiers and markets becomes more fundamental due to the global recession in general and the euro-zone crisis in particular. Above all, governments of these countries are pressed to provide an enduring prosperity for it numerous subjects notwithstanding the economic downturn.

Consequently, the establishment of the ASBF to generate and revive trade and commercial activities between Republic of Serbia and countries of Africa could not have come at a more auspicious time. Trade development can be in the form of equitable exchange of ideas, research, and special projects in diverse sectors, technological transfer, internship, exchange programmes, trade, agriculture, education, finance, infrastructural development, defence and construction.

The ASBF enthusiastically achieves its goals and objectives through organization and participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, business seminars and any other such activities that continuously promote trade and investment.

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