We are an independent non-profit organization of individuals, entrepreneurs, traders, professionals, educators, researchers, corporate entities, manufacturers, importers and exporters, farmers, engineers, doctors who are interested in fostering manifold equitable business relationship between Republic of Serbia and independent states of Africa and between members for their economic prosperity.
The aptness of the organization is based on the fact that members are from different geographical origins making the potentials and opportunities multifarious and interesting.

Structure of the African Serbian Business Forum (ASBF)

  • Board of Trustees
  • Advisory Council
  • Corporate members
  • Individual members
  • Sponsors and partners

Main objectives

  • To inform members of potential market leads and opportunities
  • To maximize commercial activities between Republic of Serbia and various African states through regular exchange of information amongst members
  • To connect companies in Serbia to dependable counterparts in Africa
  • To create opportunities and credible partnerships for its members
  • To assist members in advisory capacity on regulations and bureaucracy and bring them to terms on the best international practice
  • To create soft landing for Serbia companies who wish to operate in the Africa region or vice versa

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